Nerds Candy Grape/Strawberry - 36ct

Nerds Candy Grape/Strawberry - 36ct
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2 flavors per box

Price per box: $1.86

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Nerds candy is one of the most popular of all Willy Wonka confections available today! Kids and adults always recognize this delicious treat thanks to its fun anthropomorphic mascots which look like happy Nerds candy with faces, feet and amusing personalities.Each piece is small and features a unique shape that's reminiscent of pebbles. The center is similar to rock candy with a sweet candy shell in bright colors that hint at the flavor. The first Nerds were introduced to the candy world in 1983. It didn't take long for this unique treat to catch on. By 1985, Nerds earned the title of Candy of the Year from the National Candy Wholesalers Association.Now you can get larger quantities with our convenient bulk Nerds package. Each pack contains many individual Nerds boxes that are wonderful for events. Use Nerds candy to put the finishing touches on birthday party favors or hand them out in the classroom as a sweet reward for students.


2 flavors per box

Flavor List

Grape/Strawberry, Wild Berry/Punch, Watermelon/Wild Cherry

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