NERDS Sour - 24ct

NERDS Sour - 24ct
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Revenge of the NERDS Sour!

Price per pack: $1.33

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Revenge of the NERDS Sour! These tiny little puckerers will come at your taste buds will a vengeance in Amped Apple and Lightning Lemon flavors. Get ready to cry, pucker, pout and contort your face as you suck on these scarily tart NERDS Sour candies. If this doesn't scare you, then this bulk supply might.

You'll have enough pucker power to keep your face squished up and eyes tearing for days and maybe weeks. Share some with friends if you want to see how much sour they can take or save them all for yourself. Just get ready for a whole lot of sour in these NERDS Sour candies!

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