NutRageous Bars from Reese's - 18ct

NutRageous Bars from Reese's - 18ct
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Price per bar: $2.33

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From the genius candy makers of Reese's comes an even more amazing invention: NutRageous Bars! In these awe-inspiring candy bars lies salty nuts and sweet creamy chocolate for you to chomp down on and enjoy.

And the best part? You'll receive a full display box of NutRageous Bars from Reese's in every order. That's a lot of crunching, munching and savoring to look forward to. But if you're overwhelmed by the amount of deliciousness then it will just be another great excuse to invite friends over and chow down on something sweet or make up gift baskets stuffed with NutRageous candy bars for the ones you love.

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