Orbit Peppermint - 12ct

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Orbit peppermint chewing gum offers irresistible flavor that can make your breath smell even fresher. Gum is an excellent way to curb cravings while on a diet and to keep your mouth busy during downtime. When you need a little boost of flavor, just unwrap a piece of Orbit gum and let the sweet sensation of peppermint satisfy your taste buds!

Orbit gum was originally introduced in the United Kingdom in 1977. The product changed a lot since then. It was reintroduced to the United States in 2001 with a whole new look. Today you can buy Orbit chewing gum in bulk so you never run out. Keep a box or two in your pantry to enjoy at home or stow one in your desk at the office. Coworkers will love the refreshing peppermint flavor (and love you even more for sharing it)! Our chewing gum bulk packs are also convenient for use in party favors.

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