Orbit Spearmint - 12ct

Orbit Spearmint - 12ct CandyStore.com
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Chew to your heart's content with Orbit spearmint gum!

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Chew to your heart's content with Orbit spearmint gum! This refreshing confection will make your taste buds tingle with invigorating mint. Orbit is a sugarless gum which means your teeth and gums will love it even more (and so will your dentist)! When you need a quick sweet fix, don't reach for candy and cookies. Instead stick to your diet and still treat your mouth to the delectable taste of spearmint.

Orbit sugarless gum was originally created in 1977 but has made a comeback thanks to its new look and irresistible flavors! Try it for yourself and see why so many happy gum chewers choose Orbit. Now you can get more sticks with every order thanks to our convenient bulk gum box. Hide at home so you always have a pack ready to go or take it to the office and share with your fellow employees. From parties and picnics to events and activities, Orbit chewing gum will make everyone smile!

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