Orbit Wintermint - 12ct

Orbit Wintermint - 12ct CandyStore.com
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Orbit wintermint gum will cool off your taste buds!

Price per unit: $2.58

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Orbit wintermint gum will cool off your taste buds. What could be more invigorating than an icy winter breeze on a brisk day? Orbit wintermint captures the essence of that scene and packs it into a convenient gum that you can take anywhere. Stash a box or two in the car or your handbag. Hide one in the pantry or your desk. You can even slide one in a pocket so you are never far from the sweet taste of refreshing wintermint!

Sometimes one pack of gum just isn't enough. Constant chewers will love our Orbit wintermint bulk box. Larger quantities are also easier to share. Buy enough to include in party favors or to distribute at picnics, parties and special dinner events. Everyone will have fresh breath after the meal, all thanks to your generous gift of gum! Orbits chewing gum is sugarless so it keeps teeth and gums healthy and your sweet tooth happy!

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