Pac-Man Ghost Candy Sours - 18ct

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Blue and red Pac Man Ghosts candy tins come with blue raspberry and cherry flavored candies!

Price per unit: $3.89

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All this time you have felt sorry for Pac Man because he can never get away from Blinky, Clyde, Inky, and Pinky, the four enemy ghosts that seem to be everywhere.

Sure, he can safely eat the ghosts after he has consumed an energizer pellet, but how good can a ghost possibly taste? Well, if they taste anything like these Pac Man Ghost Candy Sours then it is easy to understand why he never seems to complain about eating them.

These Pac Man Ghost Candy Sours are fruity and delicious. The novelty tins come in blue and red, and are shaped like Pac Man's enemies. Inside are cherry or blue raspberry sour candies, which are red or blue respectively.

These sour candies are perfect as prizes at kids' parties, or if your child is having a sleepover, have these treats ready to hand out during movie time. Do you have a friend who is a total gamer? These ghosts make fun gifts that will definitely be appreciated by anyone who has navigated Pac Man through his infamous blue maze.

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