Pac Man Candy Power Pellets - 18ct

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Have you ever wondered what those power pellets taste like that Pac Man has no problem eating nonstop for hours at a time? You might think he is just eating them because it is the only way to move onto the next stage, but we disagree.

We believe that they must taste like candy. Why else would it look like he has a permanent smile all the time? Whether you are feeling nostalgic, hunting for a fun gift for a gamer, or looking for unique party favors for your child's birthday party, these Pac Man Candy Power Pellets are perfect.

This is more than just a tin that holds candy, like you might expect. The Pac Man Candy Power Pellets are dispensed when you line up the proper holes by the mouth. This makes you work a little for your treat, but it also ensures that the pellets don't randomly fall out, because you don't want to waste even one of these yummy sweets.

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