Paint Shop Lollipops - 20ct

Paint Shop Lollipops - 20ct
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Price per pop: $1.95

Product Details

Each Paint Shop Lollipop includes a plastic paint can packed with fine powder candy in a brilliant hue. Now you can paint your tongue any color you like with Paint Shop Lollipops! The design is ingenious and gives you a tasty way to enjoy two different confections with every lick.

Along with a "can" full of candy powder "paint", our Paint Shop Lollipops come with a paint brush stick. The handle looks like the brushes you find at home improvement stores or in dad's workshop. The bristle end consists of a solid block of delicious hard candy. Just lick the end then dip in the powder.

Bulk Paint Shop lollipops are a great choice for birthday party favors and holidays. Bring to any gathering to give to the kids or keep them at home as an easy after school snack that they always love!

SKU: K328178R

Flavor List

Original Assorted flavors or Doubles.

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