Peeps Marshmallow Pumpkins - 12ct

Peeps Marshmallow Pumpkins - 12ct
  • $23.99

24 pieces per box

Price per unit: $2.00

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Peeps marshmallow pumpkins offer the same sweet taste as the chick and rabbit version, but with a Halloween twist. Each piece is made of soft gelatin and marshmallow candy that's covered in a layer of fine orange sugar. One side includes Jack-o-Lantern eyes, nose and smile.

Now you can enjoy your favorite marshmallow candy all year long with Peeps pumpkins! This festive treat is perfect for any autumn event. Our bulk Peeps pack makes it so easy to get large quantities for parties and holiday celebrations. Give them to the kids as a fun and easy after school snack or save them for special occasions.

Peeps marshmallow pumpkins look amazing when placed on top of baked goods. Use them as an edible (and inexpensive) cake decoration or create your own haunted gingerbread house complete with Peep Jack-o-Lanterns to display in October. Use them to fill up Halloween party favors or serve them up when the kids go Trick or Treating!


24 pieces per box

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