Perugina Dark Chocolate Cherries - 32ct

Perugina Dark Chocolate Cherries - 32ct
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3 chocolates per pack

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You could easily serve these Perugina Dark Chocolate Cherries for dessert, and your guests would assume they are from some high-dollar, swanky, gourmet chef.

They are rich, indulgent, and totally satisfying. In fact, you only need one of these to fully satisfy a sweet tooth, compared to the large slice of cake or heavy dessert you would usually eat.

Perugina Dark Chocolate Cherries are a premium imported product from Italy. The Perugia-launched business was founded in 1907, and has earned its reputation for making chocolates so exquisite that just one bite transports you to Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan, or of course, Perugia, the country's most cosmopolitan city, with just one bite.

Inside each of these boxes you find three Perugina Dark Chocolate Cherries individually wrapped in an elegant red foil. These make great gifts for coworkers around the holidays, or you can hand them out to everyone you know who can use a little something sweet for Valentine's Day.

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3 chocolates per pack

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