Pez Muppets Blister Pack - 12ct

Pez Muppets Blister Pack - 12ct
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Muppet Pez dispensers are cute, colorful and completely crazy! Each is crafted out of durable plastic with a long neck topped in the head of a famous character. This set showcases all your favorite Muppets! Each pack contains a random assortment of figures including Animal, Fozzie Bear, Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog. This collection includes blister packs that feature original Muppets and Pez branding!

Serious Muppets fans absolutely must see this Pez set! Order a box and keep as a collectible or give them away as gifts. Pez dispensers are one part candy and one part fun toy! Give them to children as birthday party favors or save them for holidays. Little ones will love opening up their stockings or finding their Easter baskets full of Muppets! Teachers and parents can keep them to give as rewards for participation in classroom or after school activities. Whether you need prizes for a fair, party favors or a great gift, you'll love our Muppet Pez dispensers!

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