Pulpadip Salsa de Tamarindo Candy - 24ct

Pulpadip Salsa de Tamarindo Candy - 24ct CandyStore.com
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If you have been searching high and low to find the perfect treat for your next Cinco de Mayo party, your search is finally over. This Pulpadip Salsa de Tamarindo Candy will be the topic of conversation for weeks after you serve them to your guests.

This is a classic Mexican treat, and nearly impossible to find. Fortunately CandyStore. com stocks them year-round. These accordion-like bottles are filled with a tamarind pulp, which is both sweet and sour. Tamarind is a bushy tree that produces indehiscent legumes with a fleshy and juicy reddish-brown pulp. It is unusual, exotic, and totally delicious, and this Pulpadip Salsa de Tamarindo Candy captures the flavor perfectly.

These are not reserved solely for Cinco de Maya though. They are perfect for summer barbeques, camping trips, and kids' parties. Since the candy just gets squirted on the tongue, you don't have to worry about a melting, sticky mess all over clothes and fingers.

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