Pumpkin Patch Taffy - 5lb

Pumpkin Patch Taffy - 5lb CandyStore.com
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Pumpkin Patch taffy offers fresh picked taste that's perfect for autumn! This delicious confection offers all the delightful things you love about classic saltwater taffy. Every bite is round and consists of smooth, chewy taffy in a charming orange color.

This delectable treat includes a fun fall decoration at the center! The outline of a ripe pumpkin with green stem adds gorgeous detail that makes these candies even more irresistible. Our bulk pumpkin taffy is a great choice for parties and events. Use them as Halloween candy or add to fall wedding favors. Each piece is wrapped in clear plastic so it remains fresh without concealing the beautiful design that appears on top.

Enjoy alone or combine with any of our other single flavor taffy packs to create a custom candy assortment for Halloween parties, showers, weddings and birthday parties! Anytime is the perfect time to enjoy the savory taste of chewy pumpkin taffy.


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