Rain-Blo Gumballs Tubes - 48ct

Rain-Blo Gumballs Tubes - 48ct CandyStore.com
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Rain-Blo gumballs are the bubble gum balls that offer long lasting flavor in every bite. Each individual package contains a colorful assortment of fruit flavors in yellow, red, orange, purple and green. These aren't your average gumball, they are huge so you get more chewy satisfaction out of every sweet orb!

Take Jumblo with you everywhere so you're always ready to take on a demanding sweet tooth! Our bulk bubblegum assortment includes individually wrapped packages that contain several gumballs that are convenient for cravings. They're also a great choice when filling treat bags for the kids!

Hide a pack or two in the car or hand them out as Halloween candy! Imagine the look on this year's Trick or Treaters faces when they see these enormous gumballs in your bowl. Jumblo also makes a sweet stocking stuffer at Christmas time. Kids and adults will love the bold colors and generous size of our Jumblo bubblegum balls!

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0.53 oz per pack

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