Rattlerz Baby Rattles Candy - 14ct

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Rattlerz baby rattle candy is a one-of-a-kind treat that makes snack time so much fun! Move over classic lollipops because this novelty candy is two confections in one.

Each rattle includes a rounded plastic "stick" base with a wider orb cap. The cap contains colorful candy beads that make a pleasant rattling sound as you shake them. When you're done playing with your rattle, simply open it up and discover the treats hiding inside!

Each Rattlerz baby rattle also includes a hard candy lollipop attached to the base. Lick the pop and dip it in the edible beads for a two-in-one treat or enjoy each separately. No matter how you prefer to eat them, each Rattlerz is sure to satisfy even the most demanding sweet cravings.

Our bulk Rattlerz pack contains many individually wrapped rattles that are convenient for events and celebrations! Use them in party favors, baby shower favors or keep them as a fun snack at home.

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