Skittles Wild Berry - 36ct

Skittles Wild Berry - 36ct
  • $74.99

Skittles in raspberry, strawberry and wild cherry!

Price per unit: $2.08

Product Details

Wild berry Skittles combine many of the world's most popular fruit flavors into one convenient package! If you love raspberry, strawberry and wild cherry, then you will love the tasty morsels that come with every bag of wild berry Skittles! This product is the ultimate snack for fruit fans. Each piece consists of a chewy center covered in a hard candy coating that gives every bite a pleasant crunch.

Original Skittles was introduced to the market in 1974. It wasn't until more recently that unique flavors like wild berry were created. While new versions may be added later, there's no denying that wild berry Skittles are a strong contender for best taste of any Skittle ever made! Order our bulk candy pack for parties, events, school activities and other occasions. Or keep your Skittles on hand at home so you always have a quick snack to enjoy anytime you want something sweet. Let wild berry Skittles tame unruly cravings with irresistible fruity flavor!

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