Smarties X-Treme Sour Candy - 180ct

Smarties X-Treme Sour Candy - 180ct
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Loved by folks of all ages, Smarties X-Treme Sour Candy is one of the world's most perfect treats. Everyone loves regular Smarties, but the flavor explosion this sour option offers is a little hard to compete with. The second you pop one of these little candies in your mouth, your lips pucker, your eyes water, and your brain starts screaming, More! More!

Smarties X-Treme Sour Candy is a little addictive, but that's okay because a whole roll is only 28 calories. Plus, these candies are fat-free. What more could you ask for? Each roll is individually packaged, so they are ideal to use at Halloween or in gift bags and candy dishes. Keep a few rolls of these in your desk and you may resist the urge to visit the vending machine when your stomach starts growling. There are 180 rolls of candy in this bulk supply, which should keep you pretty satisfied for a little while.

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