Soft Peppermint Puffs - 5lb

Soft Peppermint Puffs - 5lb
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Price per pound: $3.40

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Soft peppermint puffs give you the same sweet taste as mint hard candy but with a smooth, soft texture. Peppermint puffs are a great choice for families and businesses. Keep them at home to offer guests as a refreshing snack or hand them out to customers in restaurants, hotels or whatever industry you work in.

Everyone enjoys the delicious taste as well as the pleasantly minty effects experienced afterwards! Each soft peppermint puff arrives individually wrapped in clear plastic. This barrel shaped candy comes in pure white with bold red ribbons of color that wrap around each side. The color scheme is perfect for holiday parties, but versatile enough to work any time of the year!

Add them to Easter baskets, use them as stocking stuffers or include them in party favors. They are also an elegant choice when looking for baby shower or wedding favor candy! Our bulk peppermint puff pack gives you plenty of bite-sized pieces for any event.


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