Sour Patch Gummy Peaches Candy - 5lb

Sour Patch Gummy Peaches Candy - 5lb
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Chewy gummies get an enchanting variation in warm, summery hues with Sour Patch Gummy Peaches Candy, one of the delicious fruit flavors from the super-tart and ever-popular Sour Patch range. Colored a vivid orange and red, these gummi peaches are dusted with the distinctive sour sugar that makes all Sour Patch fruit so tasty - and in this case, looks a little like peach fuzz!

They are delightful for picking up the color of the foliage at an outdoor autumn party, so leave a little dish by guests plates or make them the center of a vivid fall candy buffet. The two-colored gummi candies are bright and unusual details for decorating cakes and cookies, too, where their tart and luscious flavor makes an interesting combination with sweeter flavors.

Bulk Sour Patch Gummy Peaches combine a chewy mouthfeel with a bold sweet-and-sour flavor that is unmistakable as soon as you bite in. Sour fruit gummies are an instant hit with kids, too!

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