Sour Patch Kids Assorted - 5lb

  • $28.99

First sour and then sweet, one of America's favorite sour candies!

180 pieces per pound (900 total)

Price per pound: $5.80

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You'll be puckering up for a long, long time with this bulk bag of Sour Patch Kids. With a tart, sugary bite followed by a sweet reprieve, it's no wonder why they're one of America's favorite candies.

First sour and then sweet these little trouble makers will wreak havoc on your mouth in the most delicious way possible. In green lime, lemon yellow, orange, and red raspberry, there's a flavor for every sour-lover. Bring them to a sporting event for a tasty snack or try them in a glass of lemonade. With hours of tartness in every pack, you'll be all puckered out!

SKU: F316635

180 pieces per pound (900 total)

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