Starburst Original Share Size - 24ct

Starburst Original Share Size - 24ct
  • $84.99

Individually wrapped chews in cherry, orange, strawberry and lemon flavors burst with fruity flavor, perfect for sharing.

Price per unit: $3.54

Product Details

When you're craving fruity, juicy flavor, you need to taste Starburst fruit chews! Each piece includes a solid bock of smooth, chewy candy in an assortment of fruit flavors. Each flavor is indicated by the color of the fruit chew's wrapper (as well as the fruit chew itself!).

Enjoy strawberry, cherry, orange and more in a classic candy that's popular on both sides of the pond! The original Starburst were sold in the United Kingdom as Opal Fruits back in 1959. It wasn't until 1967 that Opal Fruits, with their new Starburst name, were introduced to the United States.

Today you can find these popular confections in a variety of sizes, including our convenient bulk Starburst box! Each box contains individually wrapped Starburst fruit chews in share size packages. Keep them in your kitchen or pantry as a quick sweet snack or order for a special event! Starburst fruit chews make great party favors, Halloween candy and stocking stuffers.

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