Sugar Free Wrapped Jelly Belly 10-Flavor Twists - 5lb

  • $78.99

Sugar free and each bean is wrapped individually!

Price per lb: $15.80

Product Details

Sugar free Jelly Belly Twist jelly beans are a great way to portion snack time and enjoy your favorite treat! Each piece includes the familiar shape and look you know and love, right down to the logo printed on the side. This assortment includes yellow, red, black, orange, green, and pink beans that arrive individually wrapped. Just twist one end, pop the bean in your mouth, and enjoy the taste of sugar free Jelly Belly!

SKU: C321018

Flavor List

Buttered Popcorn - Cherry - Green Apple - Juicy Pear - Lemon - Licorice - Pineapple - Sizzling Cinnamon - Strawberry - Tangerine

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