Super Bubble Original - 300ct

Super Bubble Original - 300ct
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Super Bubble Original gum is an individually wrapped bubble gum that's super sweet! Each piece is packaged in bright yellow, red or blue and arrives inside a convenient tub with lid. Simply untwist the wrapper to enjoy soft, delicious bubblegum that's full of long lasting flavor!

Anytime is a good time to share our bulk Super Bubble tub! Kids will love finding classic bubblegum flavor in birthday party treat bags. Fill a bowl to offer guests or use Super Bubble in a bubble blowing contest! Keep it on hand as a quick snack that you don't actually eat or take a tub to the office and let your coworkers indulge in this childhood favorite! Super Bubble has been wowing kids and candy lovers since 1946, making it a longstanding bubblegum brand that young and old will enjoy. If you're looking for an inexpensive holiday candy for Christmas or Halloween, Super Bubble is an irresistible choice!

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