Super Sour Gummi Bears - 5lb

Super Sour Gummi Bears - 5lb
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Gummy bears are good and sour gummy bears are even better - but what if you want something that will really make your taste buds tingle? If you are craving something that's extra tangy, you need to try our amazing super sour gummy bears!

Each bite includes the chewy texture you love with even more sour flavor. Can your mouth handle the intense taste of these bite-sized teddy bears!?

Each super sour gummy bear includes an adorable bear shape, complete with round paws, ears and a sweet little muzzle. Each comes in two bold colors, with a solid colored body and contrasting head. Hues range from orange, red and yellow to white and green.

All sides are smothered in a generous coating of sour sugar granules for even more flavor and texture. Our bulk gummy bear pack is the best way to get bigger quantities for birthday parties, holidays, school activities and other large events!

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