Sweetarts Twists Individually Wrapped - 15lb Bulk

Sweetarts Twist Wrap
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SweeTarts may be small, but they are big on sweet flavor!

59 pieces per pound

Price per pound: $7.07

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SweeTarts may be small, but they are big on sweet flavor! This classic candy is a delicious choice for parties and other events. Long ago, kids clamored over the taste of confections like powdery Lik-M-Aid and Pixie Stix.

While these treats were tasty, they were also very messy. Hearing the cry of parents everywhere, a company called Sunline decided to create the easier to eat SweeTarts we know and love today! Our bulk SweeTarts twists include a handful of colorful discs in purple, orange, green and red. Each is covered in clear plastic with twisted ends. Simply uncurl one side and enjoy these pressed candies.

SweeTarts are a great and economical choice for a wide range of events. Use them to fill birthday party favors or give as Halloween candy. SweeTarts also make great filler for Easter baskets or Christmas stockings. Whether you're hosting a family gathering or community event, everyone will love the sweet and tart taste of SweeTarts!

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59 pieces per pound

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