Symphony XL Bar - 12ct Extra Large

  • $34.99

Creamy milk chocolate Symphony bars from Hershey's!

4.25 ounces per bar

Price per unit: $2.92

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Product Details

These Symphony XL Bars are a one-man-band when it comes to producing incredible flavor and texture for your mouth. With creamy milk chocolate, toffee bits and almonds, you'll put on quite the performance for your taste buds.

Bring home some of our Symphony XL Bars if you'd like to try a sophisticated candy with classic ingredients. If you're getting ready to celebrate opening night for someone you love, order some Symphony XL Bars and give them a thematic treat that screams, "break a leg!" You can even enjoy these Symphony XL Bars for practically any other event that craves a sweet and satisfying candy.

SKU: R333499

4.25 ounces per bar

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