Trick or Treat Candy Mix - 5lb

Trick or Treat Candy Mix - 5lb
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Price per pound: $3.60

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Our Trick or Treat candy mix features a large assortment of classic confections in one big package. Each mix contains a blend of pumpkin bon bons, Nerds, Dots, Tootsie Pops, Starburst, Tootsie Rolls, Clark Bars, Smarties and other popular candies. Every piece is individually wrapped so it stays fresh.

Save money on Halloween candy this year with our enormous Trick or Treat mix! This delightful collection of popular confections includes many childhood favorites. Whether you love something sweet, tart or chewy, you'll find it here. Simply pour into a big bowl and you're ready for Trick or Treaters! Our candy mix is also a quick and hassle-free way to fill up treat bags for kids.

Make sure there's something for everyone at your next party by pouring our Trick or Treat candy mix in bowls or jars and serving on tables for guests. Teachers and schools can keep more money in their budget by ordering our bulk candy assortment for events and classroom parties!


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