Tulip Lollipops - 120ct

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Length: 12-inches total

Price per pop: $0.42

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Tulip shaped lollipops are a beautiful, tasty candy that looks fabulous no matter where you enjoy them!

This novelty lollipop breaks away from the traditional orb and disc shapes to offer a graceful tulip with two large petals and a small middle accent. A rainbow of vibrant colors is included in every assortment, ranging from blue, green and purple to pink, orange, red and yellow!

Our tulip Twinkle Pops are an enticing confection that is ideal for at home snacking, holidays and gift giving. Build your own custom lollipop bouquet by ordering bulk tulip pops or combine with any of our other Twinkle Pops or other lollipop brands.

Impress your recipient with a breathtaking edible arrangement or give them out as party favors at birthdays, picnics and other gatherings. Give as is or add your own personalized tags to the stick. Adults and children alike will love the sweet taste and colorful look of these lovely flower lollipops!

Certified Kosher Candy

SKU: K335987

Length: 12-inches total

Price per pop: $0.42

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