Wax Fangs - 24ct

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Ze fangs vant to suck your blood!

0.05 ounces per pack

Price per unit: $3.75

Product Details

They vant to suck your blood. Sorry, we can't help but go a little Transylvanian whenever we lay our eyes on these fanged candies. That's because our Wax Fangs are so fun and funny that we can't resist slipping into vampire mode.

Get ready for the Halloween season by ordering a bulk supply of these Wax Fangs. They make a funny trick to give out to little trick-or-treaters and a fun party favor for Halloween events. Have everyone pop these Wax Fangs into their mouths for a hilarious photo op with a delicious and chewy finish.

SKU: U323766

0.05 ounces per pack

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