Wax Lips Cherry Wack-O-Wax Candy - 24ct

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Pucker up butter cup!

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Wacko-Wax Wax Lips are a classic and hilarious treat that dates back to the early 20th century. These fun lips are made from edible flavored wax, and designed to be chewed like gum; once the play and jokes have ended. These Wax Lips will make a great addition to your next party. Use them as photo props, or for gags at a 5th birthday party.

Princess parties and birthdays will be cleaner and funnier when the little royalty uses these lips instead of lipstick. These lips are perfect for Valentine's Day; Wacko-Wax lips make great Valentines for classrooms, senior living, and companies. Wax Lips are easy and safe to use for all ages, inside each set of Wax Lips has an easy bite plate that will not deteriorate. Each box of Wacko-Wax Wax Lips comes individually wrapped lips.

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