White Pina Colada Fruit Sours Balls Candy - 5lb

White Pina Colada Fruit Sours Balls Candy - 5lb
  • $37.99

Soft, chewy candy with a juicy pina colada flavor for a tropical punch of sophistication in bulk, candy buffets, favor bags and more.

Price per pound: $7.60

Product Details

Savor the island-inspired taste of our white pina colada fruit sours balls! This unique candy is beautiful to behold and features an exotic flavor that will whisk your taste buds away to paradise.

Each piece includes a solid orb of sweet confection in a pure white hue. The surface is smooth so it's delightful to touch. Take a bite and enjoy smooth confection with tropical pina colada flavor!

Bulk pina colada fruit sours aren't just sweet, they are also a little sour! Along with the sugary goodness you love, these surprising little candies also offer up a touch of tang. Change things up at snack time or use these delicious pina colada candy balls to make a special occasion even better.

Fill treat bags or wedding favors or use them to decorate cakes and cookies. They also make a tasty addition to your candy buffet! Enjoy white pina colada fruit sours balls alone or combine with our other candy balls and beads!

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