Wonka Sweetart Gummy Peg Bags - 12ct

Wonka Sweetart Gummy Peg Bags - 12ct CandyStore.com
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When you want something sweet, tangy and chewy, you need to snack on Wonka's SweeTart gummy candies! This unique treat combines everything you love about classic SweeTarts with all the soft chewiness of a classic gummy.

Every piece features a disc shape with indented top in bright colors. Taste purple, yellow, green, blue, orange or red or try multiple SweeTart gummies at the same time! Our bulk SweeTart gummy peg bags are a convenient way to stock up on your favorite candy. Grab a peg bag and keep it in your car or take it to work as a snack for lunch hour.

SweeTarts gummies also make great gifts! Each piece is sweet and features an irresistible fruit flavor with a generous coating of sour sugar on the outside. Your taste buds will tingle when you try these one-of-a-kind SweeTarts candies. Make party favors or add them to this year's stocking stuffer list!

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