Wrigley Double Mint - 10ct

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Wrigley's Double Mint chewing gum is an easy way to invigorate your taste buds and freshen breath. This well-known gum brand was first introduced in 1914. Its popularity grew over the decades, especially in 1956 when the company began its famous "twins" advertising campaign.

Every soft stick of Double Mint offers the strong taste of sweet mint that lasts a long time so you can chew and chew! Never run out of your favorite gum with our convenient Double Mint bulk pack! You get many slim packs that are easy to carry with you. Slide one into a pocket, your purse or keep them in your car.

They also fit comfortably inside desk drawers and cabinets so you can keep your gum close by. Use to refresh your breath throughout the day or chew to curb sweet cravings while dieting. You'll love the uplifting taste of Wrigley's Double Mint gum!

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