Wrigley Extra Bubble Gum - 10ct

Wrigley Extra Bubble Gum - 10ct CandyStore.com
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When you're craving something sweet, reach for the irresistible taste of Wrigley Extra classic bubble gum! While other versions favor a more minty taste, the recognizable pink Extra gum recreates the traditional flavor of gumballs!

Remember grabbing a colorful orb of chewy goodness while at the candy store when you were a kid? Now you can still enjoy that same delightful experience without the unnecessary sugar! Wrigley's Extra is a sugar free chewing gum that allows you to satisfy the urge to snack without actually eating.

Keep your teeth cleaner while enjoying the smooth texture and nostalgic taste that you loved as a kid! Our bulk Extra bubble gum box contains many individually wrapped slim packs that are convenient for sharing and travel. Keep a couple in your purse or pocket and don't forget to add one to your desk drawer at work! No matter where you go Wrigley Extra bubble gum is ready to take on the most intense sweet cravings!

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