Wrigley Extra Winterfresh 15 Stick - 10ct

Wrigley Extra Winterfresh 15 Stick - 10ct CandyStore.com
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Sink your teeth into the smooth, cool taste of Wrigley's Extra Winterfresh chewing gum! Give your mouth a little pick-me-up and keep breath fresh with this tasty confection.

Each slim pack contains many individual pieces so you can easily take your favorite gum with you anywhere you go! Hide a pack in the car, your purse, pocket or a desk drawer at the office. You'll be ready to curb cravings whenever they hit without eating more calories!

Our bulk Extra Winterfresh chewing gum is the easiest way to get more for your money. Order gum in bulk to keep at home or use for events and gatherings. Extra Winterfresh is a great treat for party favors or can be used in winter themed wedding favors.

Each pack is individually sealed in clear plastic so the chewing gum stays fresh for longer. Stay cool with the long lasting flavor of sugar free Extra chewing gum!

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