Wrigley Watermelon Sensation - 10ct

Wrigley Watermelon Sensation - 10ct CandyStore.com
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Enjoy the juicy taste of vine ripened watermelon with Wrigleys' Extra Fruit Sensations chewing gum! Gum is an easy way to satisfy a sweet tooth while keeping your daily calorie intake down.

Instead of reaching for something that's super sugary or full of fat and calories, you can chew on Extra Fruit Sensations. Your taste buds will love it and your waist line will thank you!

Our bulk Wrigleys chewing gum box contains many slim packs that are convenient to hide almost anywhere. Keep a pack at the office, in the car, your pocket or anywhere that you are likely to need something sweet and fruity.

Extra chewing gum is sugar free so your teeth stay healthy. Extra is even accepted by the American Dental Association so you can feel confident every time you chew. Live better without denying your taste buds the flavors they love with Extra Fruit Sensations chewing gum!

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