Say “I Do” to These 8 Unique Spring Wedding Favors

The birds and the bees love the springtime, and so do brides and grooms! If you’re saying "I do" this spring or one soon to come, spoil your guests with some of these unique, DIY wedding party favors. They run the gamut from rustic and cute to refined and classy. Cheap DIY Wedding Party Favors Save money on.

The Ultimate DIY Candy Buffet Guide + INFOGRAPHIC

Introducing: A Definitive Set of Time-Tested Tips that Really Work —Including Step-by-Step Infographic (here) to Help You Start Building Your Candy Buffet and Impressing Your Guests. The biggest reason people say they can’t have a candy buffet at their event is money. They can’t afford to pay a professional to build one. Solution?

11 Hopping Easter Themed Candy Buffets that Adults and Kids Will Love

When you think about Easter, what comes to mind first? Surely not human-sized bunnies — at least we hope not. Not, for candy lovers Easter is heaven. Some of Earth’s greatest candies come into season for Easter: jelly beans, Cadbury Creme Eggs, and pure chocolate bunnies rank among many of our favorite treats.

11 Valentine’s Day Candy Buffets You’ll Want to Build Right Now

Valentine’s Day is one of our three candy-related holidays, so how could we pass up an opportunity to put on display some of the best Valentine’s Day candy buffets? Make no mistake: creating a good Valentine’s Day buffet is no simple chore. There are few color choices — red, white, and pink mostly — so...

How To Make A Big Candy Buffet On a Small Budget

Including a candy buffet or dessert table at birthday parties and weddings has become the standard. It makes for a stunning statement piece in the room and gives your guests somewhere to go while you get the rest of the party started. Once you start planning it, however, you realize how expensive it can be.

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