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How to Make Your Own Candy Gram Valentine’s Day!

You could go to the local drug store and pick up a pre-made card, but a homemade candy gram for Valentine’s Day is so much sweeter! If you’re not sure how to go about this crafty and yummy DIY project, we have all the steps for you. Just follow our guide below and deliver

8 Adorable DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids to Make Their Own Valentines

Are your little ones brimming with love? Give you cute Cupids something fun to do to show the ones they love most how much they care with these adorable DIY Valentine’s Day crafts for kids. Get the finger paint, safety scissors, construction paper, and Valentine’s Day candy ready for a fun time. Wrapped Around My Fingerprints.

14 Breathtaking DIY Décor Ideas for Your Valentine’s Wedding

If you’re intent on getting married on a national holiday, you can’t do much better than Valentine’s Day. This year, more than 6 million couples are expected to get engaged on the day we’ve come to associate with the celebration of love and affection. It’s only natural that a few thousand of you wed-to-be’s will...

Sweet and Easy DIY Candy Jars for Valentine’s Day

Let’s be honest here, we both know that you cut a few corners last Valentine’s Day. Sure, the chocolate and flowers were nice and all, but store bought tokens of affection will only take you so far. This is the 21st century. Craftiness is no longer a virtue when it comes to valentines – it’s...

14 Amazing DIY Valentines for 2014

If you love love as much as we love love, then Valentine’s Day is a pretty darn special occasion. It’s a time of chocolates and flowers, of engagements and adorably embarrassing public displays of affection. It’s the only time of year when Americans set aside their better judgment and encourage their friends and family to...

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