7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Send Candy To Clients This Holiday

You shop for your wife, kids, boyfriend, and great Aunt Mildred, so why not add your clients to your holiday shopping list? When done right, client gifts can wow and make a lasting impression. Need ideas? We're a little bias, but candy is one of the best gifts for practically any occasion—especially year-end client gift baskets. Here's why.

Candy basket


Candy is always appropriate.

Companies can really botch client gifts. You can either go too chintzy, over-the-top, or strange. Candy is the perfect solution to avoid all of that. That's because candy is casual yet thoughtful and doesn't take up space. And when you strategically choose candy your clients like (if you're close enough to know their tastes) or that represents their company colors, you'll look like a business they want to do business with. Plus, candy baskets are something a client can share with the entire office, so you'll earn brownie points with the whole staff.

It butters them up.

Who doesn't like getting a gift? Exactly. That feeling when you get a bouquet of surprise flowers or unexpected anniversary gift always make your heart pitter patter. Do that on a professional level for your clients by sending a cornucopia of sweets. After, they will definitely be sweet on you.

i love my real estate agent mug


Candy baskets are versatile.

The sky is the limit with candy baskets. You can choose sophisticated and gourmet sweets or retro and whimsical treats. The tone of the basket (and the flavors) are completely up to you. If you need help, use our ultimate candy buffet bar tutorial to learn how to pair candy in aesthetically pleasing ways and choose the right candy for the occasion. Here's a teaser: the best candy baskets use complementary colors, a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures, and a bevy of flavors.

Gifts show your appreciation.

Whether you're trying to strengthen a client relationship or secure a contract, gifts show you care. In a corporate world where everything is business, give a gift that makes it personal again. It'll pay off.

You will differentiate yourself.

Not everyone has manners—or the ability to think about others. When your company sends a client a gift basket, it'll make you stand out from the competition on a memorable and personal level. You might think everyone does this, but they don't. Gifts like these take thought, time, and money, so only the business's that see the value in that investment cash in on the sentiment.

You'll stay top-of-mind.

The New Year is a time for businesses to think ahead—and make budgets. If your business is just so-so, your clients might drop you for a competitor. Make sure you end the year by giving your clients something to think about—the fact that your business is a cut above the rest.

It's affordable.

Buying candy in bulk and assembling baskets yourself is a cost-effective way to show clients you care—especially if you are a big company with lots of them. Just set a budget, select a candy theme, and order what you need. Then, enlist the artistic employees in the office to help. Just don't forget to finish your candy basket off with a handwritten note to your client. It's the cherry on top.

This holiday, try sending a candy basket to a client and see what happens. You might be surprised by the positive reaction, but we promise not to say "we told you so!"

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