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Sept 30, 2023 By Ben George

It's that spooky time of the year again, and time for that annual question: What's the most popular Halloween candy in each state? From classic favorites that never go out of style to new sugary sensations, we've analyzed the trends and tallied the data. Ready to find out if your go-to treat made the list?

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State-by-State Most Popular Halloween Candy

Every year, as October approaches, neighborhoods are aglow with jack-o'-lanterns, stores overflow with costumes, and kids eagerly count the days until they can embark on their annual candy-collecting spree. But here's a thought: Are the treats you're planning to hand out the same ones your local trick-or-treaters are dreaming of? The answer might just surprise you.

We've gone on a candy quest, pinpointing the most popular Halloween candies state by state. It's not just about the national bestsellers; it's about knowing what makes the kids in your neighborhood beam with joy.

After all, Halloween is about those magical moments, right? So before you hit the candy shop to stock up for the big night, let's delve into 2023's candy map. Get ready to be the most popular house on the block!

Now on to business.

According to the National Retail Federation, Halloween candy spending should hit a whopping $3.6 Billion this year! That's a 16% jump that blows away previous highs.

Overall Halloween spending is predicted to be over $12.2 Billion. Up 15% over last year. Wow Halloween!

Now, feast your eyes on the map above—it's the culmination of our annual deep dive into which Halloween candies each state is totally sweet on. Hover over your home state to uncover the top 3 candy contenders. (Heads up, mobile users: you might miss out on the interactive fun).

So, did your state's candy choices raise an eyebrow? Sometimes, the most-loved Halloween candy isn't what you'd predict. For instance, who saw Salt water taffy and Hot Tamales snagging the limelight in some places?

With a sweet history spanning over 16 years, we've been shipping bulk candy far and wide. Our vast candy sales data gives us unique insights—like the intriguing shipments we've made to New York lately...

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Over the years, we've witnessed an array of candy champs and flops. That's the thrill of sifting through objective data! Dive into our analysis, based on 16 years (2007-2022) of sales insights, especially those crucial months leading up to Halloween.

With our expansive reach across the U.S. and into Canada, we dissected our sales state-by-state. Plus, shoutout to our network of major candy manufacturers and distributors who chipped in with their invaluable inputs.

So, which candies reign supreme in each state during Halloween? Feast your eyes on the interactive map above. It's like a crystal ball for candy popularity! Curious about the national favorites? We've got a snazzy graphic for that lined up next:

Top Candy Trends This Year

As the leaves change and pumpkins take their places on doorsteps, a new candy hierarchy emerges. The 2023 candy trends are in, and some changes might surprise you. Here's what's shaking up the candy world this year.

M&M's Rivals Reese's Cups for Top Spot

In a dramatic candy twist, M&M's are giving the iconic Reese's Cups a run for their money. These colorful chocolate gems are not just melting in mouths but also capturing hearts, inching closer to that coveted #1 position.

Candy Corn Back in the Top Ten

Love it or loathe it, Candy Corn is making a comeback! After falling off some radars, this classic tri-colored treat has clawed its way back into the top ten. Is it nostalgia, or has Candy Corn found a new generation of admirers?

Candy Corn Survey Results
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Hot Tamales Overtakes Skittles

Spice is the name of the game, as Hot Tamales leapfrogs over Skittles. The fiery cinnamon flavor is igniting taste buds across states, showing that sometimes, a bit of heat trumps the fruity rainbow.

Sour Patch Moves to #5 - Rivaling Skittles for #4 Spot

Speaking of Skittles, they've got another competitor hot on their heels. Sour Patch Kids, with their sweet-then-sour charm, have ascended to #5. And with their current trajectory, they might just give Skittles a sour surprise next year!

Sour Patch Extremes also did well in our most sour candy in the world article.

Hershey Mini Bars Continues Its Climb and Lands at #8

Small in size but big in popularity, Hershey Mini Bars are on the rise. Scaling the ranks with their assorted flavors, they've now cozied up to the #8 spot. It seems when it comes to chocolate, these minis are maximizing their appeal.

Broader Economics

As mentioned above, the National Retail Federation is estimating that shoppers will spend $3.6 billion on Halloween candy.

Consumer confidence is back up (+15%) this year, fueled mostly inflation numbers cooling off.

Industry research showed in 2015 that online candy sales were increasing by 15 percent. People even then were realizing they could save time and money by skipping the store and purchasing from the comfort of their home. But will you buy the right candy?

Have a look at the candy your state loves. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

The WORST Halloween Candy
The WORST Halloween Candy

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State by State Data Table

State Top Candy Pounds 2nd Place Pounds 3rd Place Pounds
AL Skittles 109,445 Starburst 104,204 Hershey's Mini Bars 95,449
AK Twix 5,017 Sour Patch Kids 4,821 Milky Way 4,057
AZ Hershey Kisses 802,972 Hot Tamales 793,426 Snickers 732,572
AR Butterfinger 210,250 Jolly Ranchers 204,436 M&M's 106,136
CA M&M's 1,616,992 Reese's Cups 1,204,345 Skittles 1,006,133
CO Milky Way 126,121 Hershey Kisses 121,947 Twix 105,467
CT Almond Joy 3,056 Milky Way 2,424 M&M's 2,058
DE Sour Patch Kids 20,704 Skittles 17,124 Life Savers 11,608
FL Reese's Cups 667,727 Skittles 603,845 Hot Tamales 512,455
GA Jolly Ranchers 142,298 Swedish Fish 116,435 Reese's Cups 94,186
HI Hershey's Mini Bars 27,909 Skittles 26,362 Butterfinger 22,477
ID Snickers 87,183 Starburst 67,016 Candy Corn 43,822
IL Sour Patch Kids 167,151 Kit Kat 139,777 Starburst 124,018
IN Starburst 94,582 Hot Tamales 94,397 Jolly Ranchers 74,457
IA Reese's Cups 67,426 M&M's 62,579 Hershey's Mini Bars 53,523
KS M&M's 259,750 Sour Patch Kids 214,779 Reese's Cups 192,084
KY Reese's Cups 69,453 Hot Tamales 57,196 Swedish Fish 39,808
LA Lemonheads 113,866 Reese's Cups 111,829 Blow Pops 92,857
ME Sour Patch Kids 58,757 Candy Corn 30,675 Starburst 24,282
MD Hershey Kisses 38,119 Hershey's Mini Bars 36,857 Reese's Cups 28,976
MA Butterfinger 71,023 Sour Patch Kids 70,726 Dubble Bubble Gum 50,679
MI Starburst 113,171 Candy Corn 109,222 Butterfinger 100,728
MN Hot Tamales 180,352 Tootsie Pops 174,336 Skittles 148,584
MS 3 Musketeers 94,771 Snickers 92,135 Butterfinger 84,538
MO Almond Joy 46,068 Milky Way 42,444 Hot Tamales 40,012
MT Twix 30,700 M&M's 29,880 Dubble Bubble Gum 24,301
NE Sour Patch Kids 92,845 Salt Water Taffy 84,878 Twix 43,430
NV Hershey's Mini Bars 297,647 Hot Tamales 281,386 Hershey Kisses 222,785
NH Reese's Cups 71,252 M&M's 62,777 Starburst 41,568
NJ Tootsie Pops 148,870 M&M's 145,453 Skittles 145,295
NM Hot Tamales 83,731 Candy Corn 72,286 Hershey's Mini Bars 63,777
NY Sour Patch Kids 171,380 Hot Tamales 134,988 Candy Corn 82,152
NC M&M's 99,163 Reese's Cups 86,055 Hershey's Mini Bars 80,871
ND Hot Tamales 61,901 Candy Corn 61,271 Jolly Ranchers 48,377
OH Blow Pops 171,607 M&M's 159,547 Starburst 149,207
OK Skittles 20,841 Dubble Bubble Gum 19,396 Snickers 14,174
OR M&M's 89,130 Reese's Cups 73,107 Candy Corn 64,906
PA Hershey's Mini Bars 248,944 M&M's 233,074 Skittles 205,578
RI M&M's 15,609 Twix 14,415 Candy Corn 12,090
SC Skittles 114,685 Butterfinger 106,285 Candy Corn 88,895
SD Starburst 23,003 Jolly Ranchers 22,166 Candy Corn 16,373
TN Tootsie Pops 58,430 Salt Water Taffy 52,861 Skittles 43,495
TX Sour Patch Kids 947,426 Reese's Cups 908,876 Starburst 904,815
UT Candy Corn 414,446 Tootsie Pops 331,220 M&M's 248,911
VT M&M's 37,694 Skittles 29,506 Milky Way 20,683
VA Butterfinger 157,463 M&M's 156,838 Hot Tamales 95,322
DC M&M's 25,631 Tootsie Pops 22,159 Blow Pops 20,649
WA Tootsie Pops 171,604 Salt Water Taffy 124,839 M&M's 117,330
WV Hershey's Mini Bars 39,978 Blow Pops 36,788 Hot Tamales 31,846
WI Butterfinger 106,928 Hot Tamales 104,263 Starburst 91,771
WY Reese's Cups 24,522 Salt Water Taffy 22,992 Dubble Bubble Gum 19,228


So, what candy do people in your area like? If you get the wrong thing, the consequences could be dire. The inverse of treat is trick, as we all know. Streaming TP from your tree limbs? Ok hopefully kids in your neighborhood wouldn’t do that. But the adults might :|

In 2023, the popularity of sour candy has skyrocketed, making it a safe bet for pleasing trick-or-treaters. From tangy twists to sour-coated gummy bears, these lip-puckering treats are sure to be a hit. Don't forget about the timeless favorites like Starburst, which continue to be a top choice for their juicy burst of flavors. These chewy, fruit-flavored candies have a universal appeal that transcends age, making them a perfect inclusion in your Halloween candy bowl.

So this year, stock up on a mix of sour candy, gummy bears, and Starburst to ensure a 'treat' response from everyone who knocks on your door!

Did your personal favorite match your state?

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