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It's Time

There's a sweet whisper on the wind, a hint of something magical. This December, as the curtain rises on Timothée Chalamet in the new Wonka movie, we believe it's time for another iconic comeback: the Willy Wonka Chocolate Bar.

But it's not going to happen. Unless we do something about it!

Wonka Bars Petition

As a major online bulk candy store, we're in the know about plans for product releases, especially by July for the fall season. Yet, we've heard zero about a Wonka Bar return.

This silence has been unsettling and not promising. So we reached out to Ferrero Corp, the owners of the Wonka brand, directly to get to the bottom of this urgent situation.

The company's response, regrettably, was noncommittal and sounds like they basically have no plans for a re-release. Given the usual timelines for product launches, it's very unlikely we'll see the iconic Wonka Bar making a comeback for this year's film release...

Unless we take action now!

There is still time, but it's growing short. So don't wait.

Sign the petition below and share on social media so we can make this a reality!

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This article is an impassioned plea, a nostalgic trip down memory lane, and a solid business case for bringing back Wonka Bars.

Why Now Is the Perfect Time

The silver screen is once again preparing to welcome the whimsical world of Willy Wonka. This time, the incredibly talented Timothée Chalamet will be stepping into the candy-coated shoes of the eccentric chocolatier in the upcoming "Wonka" movie, scheduled to release this December.

With this buzz building up, we have a golden (ticket) opportunity right at our fingertips!

Wonka Golden Ticket Girl

This film release isn't just another movie hitting the theaters. It's a surge of nostalgia, a wave of excitement that will inevitably wash over both children and adults alike.

Can you imagine a better moment for the Wonka Bar to make its reappearance?

Fans lining up to see the film, their excitement heightened by the chance to unwrap a Wonka Bar once again, perhaps this one will have a golden ticket!

It's not just about reintroducing a chocolate bar; it's about reigniting joy, wonder, and a shared cultural experience that has touched generations.

And it's just good business.

What's bad business? The many fake Wonka Bars out there. Counterfeit Wonka Bars can be found online and in shady candy shops, but it ain't from The Chocolate Factory.

The Cyclical Demand for Novelty Products Like the Wonka Bar

When it comes to novelty products, the phrase "absence makes the heart grow fonder" rings particularly true.

Girl Dreams About Willy Wonkas Factory

Much like the enigmatic McRib from McDonald's, which comes and goes from their menu, making fans anticipate its return eagerly, the Wonka Bar too can make a triumphant, cyclical comeback.

Consumer demand for such products often behaves like waves on a beach: it swells, peaks, then retreats. After the initial excitement and rush, the demand for a novelty product like the Wonka Bar might decline.

However, this isn't a reason to shelve the idea permanently. It's simply an indicator to adapt the approach.

By strategically timing the release of Wonka Bars to align with events that spike public interest (like the upcoming movie), Ferrero can create a crescendo of consumer anticipation.

Then, as the hype inevitably ebbs, they can retire the product, only to bring it back again when the next wave of interest rolls in.

This strategy keeps the product fresh and exciting, while also making sound business sense. After all, who doesn't love a good comeback?

The Public's Love for Wonka Bars

Throughout the years, the charm of Wonka Bars has endured, a testament to its place in the public's hearts. The nostalgic candy bar is more than just delightful chocolate.

Wonka Bars Store OpeningIf you need proof of the public's affection for Wonka Bars, look no further than social media. A simple search for "Wonka Bars" uncovers a trove of posts from ardent fans reminiscing about the famous chocolate bars.

One Twitter user echoes the sentiment of many: "I don't care who the best Willy Wonka is, just bring the Wonka Bar back." Amen brother.

But why the enduring affection? Wonka Bars represent more than a chocolate bar; they're a tangible piece of a beloved narrative. Each wrapper holds the promise of adventure, each bite a taste of nostalgia. It carries the enchantment of childhood memories and the magic of a timeless story.

The demand for their return isn't just about a yummy treat. Unlike the McRib, Wonka Bars have hold a cherished place in our collective cultural memory. People love Jolly Ranchers and Reese's and Skittles.

But Wonka bars are magical.

In the face of such unwavering public love for Wonka Bars, the question isn't why bring them back--it's why not?

The Business Argument for Wonka Bar's Return

With the upcoming movie release and the public's nostalgia-soaked love for Wonka Bars, Ferrero has an opportunity to capitalize on a goldmine of marketing potential.

Willy Wonka Gold Mine

Leveraging the film's buzz by re-releasing the Wonka Bar (and other Wonka Candy) would no doubt be beyond profitable.

Let's take a leaf out of the book of past successes.

Back in 2005, Nestlé re-launched Wonka Bars in conjunction with the release of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," featuring Johnny Depp. The Golden Ticket campaign that coincided with this release had fans scrambling to get their hands on the bars, hoping to win grand prizes.

The campaign was a testament to the potent combination of smart marketing and the enchanting lore of Wonka.

And how can Ferrero avoid the previous sales slump that Wonka Bars experienced? By considering the McRib intermittent release strategy. Like we said above, the demand for novelty products often comes in waves.

Capitalizing on periods of high interest, like a movie release, can generate robust enough sales. Once the wave recedes, the product can be retired, only to return when the next wave of interest is on the horizon.

Strategic collaborations with movie theaters or unique flavor profiles could also add to the allure of the Wonka Bars' return, creating consumer interest that extends beyond the film's release.

Though it's not our focus here, there are also all kinds of opportunities for peripheral products, like gummies, sour candy, or jelly beans.

The cornerstone of it all is of course the Wonka Bar.

A Golden Opportunity: Let's Bring Back Wonka Bars

As we stand on the cusp of the next chapter in the Willy Wonka saga, the stage is set for the return of its iconic candy counterpart.

The ingredients for a successful relaunch are all here.

But we can't bring back the Wonka Bar on our own. We need your help.

We Need Your Help - Wonka Bar Petition

That's why we started this petition: a collective request from candy lovers around the world, urging Ferrero to revive this beloved chocolate bar.

It's a plea for the resurrection of a piece of shared nostalgia, a sweet memento of childhoods past.

Tell Ferrero that the world is ready and waiting for the return of Wonka Bars. Let's turn this golden opportunity into a reality, and who knows, maybe even find a few golden tickets along the way.

Sign the petition below, and share this on social media to spread the word.

Thank you for your help.

Petition to Bring Back the Beloved Wonka Bars

Dear Ferrero Corporation,

We, the undersigned, are a community of candy lovers from around the world, united by our common passion and nostalgic fondness for the legendary Wonka Bars. We are writing to humbly and enthusiastically request that you consider bringing back this cherished product to coincide with the release of the upcoming musical "Wonka" this December.

As the custodians of the Wonka brand, we understand that you face a multitude of decisions and challenges in the confectionery market. However, we firmly believe that the revival of the Wonka Bars represents not just a viable business opportunity, but also a chance to rekindle the joy and wonder these iconic treats have brought to so many lives.

The Wonka Bar is not merely a chocolate bar; it is a symbol of childhood wonderment, a cherished memory for many, and an embodiment of the magical world that Roald Dahl created. The return of this product could spark immense interest and demand, driven by both nostalgia and the heightened visibility from the new "Wonka" film.

While we understand that product lines must adapt to market trends and consumer demands, we believe the unique positioning of the Wonka Bar and the upcoming movie release present a strategic opportunity for a highly successful product re-launch.

Through this petition, we wish to express our collective desire for the return of the Wonka Bars and to demonstrate the significant customer interest in this product. We are eager and ready to support the return of these delightful chocolate bars and to share this joy with a new generation of candy lovers.

We appreciate your consideration of our request and hope that you will share in our enthusiasm for the potential return of the iconic Wonka Bar.

Yours sincerely,

[Signatures of Supporters]

Once we feel like we have enough signatures, we will send it and the full list of signees to Ferrero.

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