M&M = Marriage & Magic

For a magical wedding buffet in a whimsical yet classy ambiance, candy banquets have become the piece de la resistance of the modern wedding. M&M candy individual colored bulk bags offer an economical and creative way to create that magical setting. Whether set in big bowls by color, incorporated into centerpieces or lovingly wrapped in bonbonieres, M&Ms are a versatile solution to wedding table themes of any color or character. There are some great ideas for using M&Ms which are tried and true and a few others that are very unique, these are some of the best examples.

A simple yet really effective colored work of M&M edible candy art is simple. Using as many differently shaped glass or clear plastic bowls or jars as you can find, arranged on a banquet table or in the centre of guest tables. Choose several M&M colors (4-6 colors is effective without overkill) which tie in nicely with the color them of the wedding and fill the variously shaped containers to the brim – with one color in each container. This looks appetizing and also stunning as a centerpiece or dedicated candy table arrangement. As an extra special feature which will serve as the most original thank you gift, set a small candy scoop by each guest plate wrapped in a bow or some lace, whatever you fancy. Guests can use the scoop to eat the M&M candy and then take the scoop home as a memento. If you really want to go all out have each scoop engraved with the date and the names of the newlyweds.

Another super special idea for M&M candy within a funtastical wedding theme is the use of apothecary jars instead of big centre displays. Fill small apothecary jars with a single color M&Ms and tie a matching colored ribbon around the top. Place one jar by each place setting and again you can choose to engrave the jars as mementos of the big day! Choose as many M&M colors as you wish but use only one color in each small jar for a classy colored candy effect.

A brilliant variation on the memento theme is the use of loot bag seat covers – now this is really original and clever! Create covers for seat backs with drawstring cords. Write the name of the bride and groom and the date on the bag, either with permanent color or embroidery (lots of great options here too). At the end of the evening guests pull the seat covers off and they become loot bags in which guests can scoop colored M&Ms and also take home their wedding programs, placeholders, etc…

It will come as a surprise to most that individually colored M&M bulk packages are available in red, maroon, dark pink, pink, orange, gold, yellow, green, aqua, teal, dark green, light blue, blue, dark blue, light purple, purple, white, cream, brown and silver M&Ms. We are pretty sure that means there is an M&M color candy for every wedding theme color! Did we mention black and white M&Ms?

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