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Albert's Candy: A Legacy in Confectionery

In the landscape of candy manufacturers, the journey of R.L. Albert, Inc. stands distinct. What started in the 1920s as a gourmet food importing business, took a sweet turn when the company ventured into candy. Transitioning from gourmet foods to candy wasn't without its challenges, especially during the tumultuous World War II years. With their usual European confectionery imports halted, the Albert family looked towards South America, finding a supplier in Argentina.

Post-war, their business ties with Europe resumed, but the relationship with South America was cemented, adding another dimension to their candy offerings. Today, Albert's is celebrated not just for its traditional treats but also for its inventive novelty candies. From gumball-filled cars to candy music players, their creativity knows no bounds. For those with a penchant for exquisite chocolates, Albert's Ice Cubes are a must-try—delightful chocolate squares crafted with the finest European ingredients.

Albert's Novelty and Classics

What sets Albert's Candy apart is their ability to balance novelty with tradition. Their innovative approach to candy design has resulted in unique products like candy music players and cars filled with gumballs. These quirky treats are not only a testament to Albert's creativity but also their commitment to evolving with the times and tastes.

Yet, they haven't forsaken their roots. In addition to their innovative offerings, Albert's also provides classics that resonate with candy lovers of all ages. From the traditional stick candy to the ever-popular gumballs, Albert's ensures that every candy enthusiast finds something to cherish in their diverse range.