Annabelle's Candy

Old school candy bars that will rock your retro!

Annabelle's Candy Company Rich Legacy

The journey of Annabelle Candy Company began in the humble confines of founder Sam Altshuler's kitchen. Like many great stories, it started small but grew to be iconic in the world of confectionery. The passion for candy-making was evident when Sam dedicated himself to perfecting his creations even before officially establishing the company. In 1950, drawing inspiration from his own family, he founded the Annabelle Candy Company, naming it after his cherished daughter.

The brand's flagship offering, the Rocky Road bar, set the stage for its success. This exquisite blend of flavors and textures was the solitary star of the company for its initial years, winning hearts across the nation. It was not just a candy bar; it was a testament to the company's dedication to quality and innovation.

Annabelle's Candy Expansion and Commitment to Tradition

As the reins of the company passed on, Annabelle herself, for whom the company was named, began to steer the ship into new territories. The 1970s marked a significant era of expansion for Annabelle's Candy Company. They acquired beloved classics such as Abba-Zaba Bars, Big Hunk, Look, and later added the U-NO bar to their repertoire. While many confectionery brands diversify drastically over time, Annabelle's has always valued its roots.

Despite the introduction of new candy bars, the original Rocky Road still shines as the brand's crown jewel. In a world constantly seeking the 'next big thing', Annabelle's Candy Company serves as a heartwarming reminder of the charm and longevity of sticking to one's core values and traditions, much like their unwavering love for marshmallow candy.

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