Au'some Candies

Au'some Candies: Breathing Life into Novelty Treats

Since its inception in 1998, Au'some Candies has been driven by a singular passion: infusing fun into every candy creation. Acquiring the legacy and expertise from the 50-year-old Candy Novelty Works, Au'some quickly established itself as a front-runner in the world of novelty candy. They've innovated with a wide range of interactive candy experiences, from secret message markers and dart candies to candy-infused yo-yos. By putting a playful spin on traditional candies, Au'some has successfully captured the essence of joy and adventure in each bite.

But the brand's innovations aren't limited to playful candies alone. In their quest to redefine candy consumption, Au'some joined hands with Florida's Natural, a revered name in the realm of organic juices. Together, they embarked on a mission to tackle childhood obesity by introducing a healthier range of candy and snacks. This collaboration culminated in the creation of wholesome snack products, allowing parents to indulge their kids without the usual calorie worries. Their commitment even led to the launch of a unique organic fruit snack, proving that fun can indeed coexist with health.

Rediscover Fun with Au'some's Candy Creations

Blurring the lines between toys and candies, Au'some has carved a unique niche for itself. Whether it's the thrill of unwrapping a candy that doubles as a toy or the excitement of discovering a hidden message in your treat, every candy-toy product promises an unmatched experience. Their inventive approach has redefined what candy can be, turning every treat into an adventure waiting to unfold.

For those with a penchant for classic candies, Au'some also has a delightful array of lollipops and suckers. So, whether you're looking for an interactive candy experience or a simple sweet delight, Au'some promises to make every moment truly "awesome".

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