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BEE Int'l Candy: Innovators of Novelty Delights

Originating in San Diego in 1970, Bee International has firmly established itself as a beacon of creativity in the candy world. They've truly excelled in the domain of novelty candy, bringing forth innovations like the much-loved candy mustaches. This innovative spirit extends to their seasonal candies as well. From whimsical Christmas treats to their uniquely crafted baseball, football, and basketball-themed eggs for Easter, Bee International consistently surprises candy enthusiasts with their delightful designs. And for those with a fondness for nostalgia, their classic candy charm bracelets never fail to evoke sweet memories.

The company's knack for innovation is further highlighted in its collaboration with established brands. Their partnership with Crayola stands out, resulting in the creation of the 'Color Your Mouth' candy line. This vibrant range, comprising gum balls, lollipops, taffy, and more, exemplifies Bee International's commitment to fun and creativity in the world of confectionery.

Discover BEE's Candy Creations: A Symphony of Fun and Flavor

When it comes to holiday candies, Bee International truly shines. Their offerings for Valentine's Day, Halloween, and other major candy holidays are a testament to their inventive approach. Each product, whether it's a foil-wrapped treat for Christmas or their playful Easter creations, carries the signature Bee touch of innovation and quality. The delight of unwrapping a foil-wrapped chocolate candy from Bee is unmatched, offering both visual appeal and sumptuous taste.

As a brand, Bee International has continually demonstrated that candy isn't just about flavor. It's about the experience, the surprise, and the joy of discovery. For those seeking a fun-filled candy adventure, from kids to adults, BEE Int'l Candy promises a journey worth embarking upon.