Bonomo Turkish Taffy

Turkish Taffy is the loveliest of accidents!

Bonomo Turkish Taffy's Remarkable Origins

Accidental inventions often result in some of the most treasured creations. Such is the tale of the Turkish Taffy. In a Newark, NJ plant, while attempting to craft a marshmallow candy, Herman Herer inadvertently added an excess of egg whites. Rather than discarding this unanticipated blend, he embarked on an experimentation journey, leading to the birth of the "Turkish Chewing Taffy". The narrative took an interesting turn in 1939 when the Bonomo family purchased Herer's creation. Taking it to the lively boardwalks of Coney Island, it was rebranded as the "Turkish Taffy".

It wasn't just a local sensation - the taffy achieved national acclaim when it graced the special displays of Woolworth's stores. However, the journey wasn't without its bumps. Post-1972, following its acquisition by the Tootsie Roll Company, the cherished recipe underwent changes. The iconic status of the candy declined and it went on a hiatus. It was only in 2010, when two devoted Turkish Taffy aficionados, having acquired the rights from Tootsie in 2002, unveiled the restored candy at the National Confectionary Association Sweets and Snacks Show. Faithfully recreating the legacy, everything from the time-honored recipe to its nostalgic packaging was restored. For those keen on exploring other taffy varieties, salt water taffy is a delightful alternative.

Rediscover and Purchase the Authentic Bonomo Turkish Taffy

The tale of Turkish Taffy is emblematic of resilience and dedication. From its serendipitous origins to its resurgence in the modern era, it's a testament to the adage that classic flavors truly never fade. Today, taffy enthusiasts can relive the magic of Bonomo Turkish Taffy, appreciating the commitment to preserving its genuine taste and quality. The candy world is vast, and while Turkish Taffy holds a unique place, there's also the ever-popular laffy taffy candy to explore.

Throughout its existence, Bonomo Turkish Taffy has witnessed shifts in trends, preferences, and market dynamics. Yet, it remains an enduring favorite for many. Whether you're reminiscing about days gone by or introducing it to a new generation, purchasing the Bonomo Turkish Taffy promises a timeless gustatory journey. If you're keen to explore other variations, the Taffy Town assortment offers a range of flavors to delight your taste buds.

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