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When you think of Brach's chances are you think of gumdrops and similar candies. They've been making them since 1904. This wasn't his first go-round as a candy manufacturer. His parents, German immigrants, tried and failed to create and sell candy in America. Yet it wasn't necessarily Emil Brach's candy making abilities that vaulted his company to success. While Brach's did start off by making a delicious caramel candy, the demand was driven by the low price that undercut competitors. Brach had developed a process that was much cheaper than the current caramel manufacturing standard. Throughout the years Brachs continued to innovate not just with candy, but with marketing practices. They are said to have created the concept of bulk selling at supermarkets, among other marketing innovations. The company has changed hands many times throughout the years, but continue to produce gumdrops, fruit slices, and candy corn -- they remain the top candy corn seller in America.