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C. Howard's Legacy: The Power of Mint

The vibrant world of mints found an iconic representative in the form of Charles Howard. Launching with the novel Choward's Violet in the 1930s, he made a mark not just with the unique hue of the candy, but its distinct flavor as well. Parading the streets of Manhattan during the Depression era, Howard's commitment to his craft was evident in how he personally sold these purple mints. But the pioneering spirit of Howard didn't stop there. Recognizing the universal appeal of mint, he crafted a follow-up with Choward's Scented Gum. Though it bore the fragrance of violets, the gum offered a fresh, pepperminty aftermath, much to the delight of consumers.

As time went on, the company's minty offerings expanded, featuring varieties like spearmints and lemon mints. Howard's focus never wavered from his core theme: mint. When the time came to pass on the reins, rather than opting for a blood relation, Howard entrusted the company to Elizabeth Juhase, a dedicated employee. Under her capable leadership, and later, her descendants, C. Howard's Candy has remained a testament to the appeal of quality mints and family-led business values.

C. Howard's From Violets to Modern Mints

The evolution of mints has seen a myriad of flavors and forms. While C. Howard's Candy remains a classic favorite for many, other entrants like the intricate Starlight Mints have found their niche with their mesmerizing patterns. Yet, the exploration doesn't end with traditional mints. For those with a penchant for indulgence, the blend of coolness with the richness of cocoa in chocolate mints offers a contemporary take on this beloved confectionery.

Whether it's the historical charm of C. Howard's Candy or the modern allure of various minty delights, one thing remains certain: mints continue to enthrall, refresh, and connect generations of candy lovers across the world.